About Us

Learn about us, what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Using technology and existing partnerships we think we’ve come up with something special and hope you do too.

What We Do

We provide links to your favorite travel providers. When you book your travel plans via these links we receive credit. We take this credit and donate a percentage of what we make to the charitable organization of your choice, or it will default to the charity of the month. We take all the work out of donating to these organizations, and handle everything on our end.

Why We Do It

We recognize the need that all charitable and nonprofit organizations have, to increase their income levels. Millions of people book travel for vacation and work every single day, we see this as a perfect opportunity to donate part of what we make to these organizations in need.

How Are We Different?

We have partnered with the top websites and travel companies you’re already familiar and comfortable with. There’s no learning curve, extra steps to take or hurdles between you, and your travel plans. No other travel company has made it their goal to give away a portion of every dollar they make, all the time. They may make seasonal donations, but charitable organizations usually aren’t seasonal and need funds year round.

How Easy Is It?

Book your travel plans using any of the links on our site. That’s it. We handle the rest and get the money to the charitable organizations as quickly as possible. If you like to know the full process, head on over to this page.